Tim Durning Illustration

New Work

The Road to Providence

Disappearing Business

Red Tape

Cats of Meryn

Publishing // Artwork for magazines, books, conceptual work

Summer Music Guide

Summer Guide

Prothonotary Warbler

In the Forest


Letters from the (Real Estate) Trenches

Big Trouble in the Little State


The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

Lineage: The Misbegotten

Egalitarian Economics

Businessmen as President

Portrait: Seamus Heaney

Portrait: Frank Chimero

Games // Artwork for games, fantasy, and sci-fi work

St. Dennis the Spring Knight

Princess Space Kitten

Bad Tea

Summer and Winter Kings

The Stars Fell, and the Dragon Ate the Moon

Triptych: Minerals

The Tomb

The Nine of Wands




Victory Token

Déjà Vu